Richard Bucker

Google Drive - just not syncing everything

Posted at — Apr 26, 2012

[Update 2012-04-28] It was looking like over 100 files failed to sync. And I discovered a couple of things. (a) Google Drive’s desktop app for OSX does not replicate the .DS_Store file. (Yippee). (b) is also appears that if you “touch” or change the file’s timestamp, that is not enough to trigger a “re-copy”. (c) does not copy or process symlinks.Google Drive is mostly working… but it is simply not syncing all of my files reliably. This would be a critical flaw and a single reason to go back to DropBox.Yesterday a couple of files were in the Google Drive menu as “failed to upload for unknown reason”. Strangely enough the files were already uploaded and they had been downloaded by one of the other machines. They were Google App files (gdoc and gsheet), however, the sync indicator was on the files and the parent folder icon. What was that all about?Now I have files with the sync icon all over my filesystem instead of the checkmark. This is a fundamental function/behavior that should not happen.Sorry I do not have any recommendations… I really like the unified filesystem. It’s so much better than what DropBox does. What that means is that many of the files are just stubs that cause the Google Apps to launch and open the file or do some other action. I’m hoping that this “sparse” file system is extended to regular files.