Richard Bucker

Google Drive stopped working on my OSX Mountain Lion install

Posted at — Jul 27, 2012

It’s a long title be that did not change anything. Apple has sandboxed the OS. “We” expected that to happen but my memory says there was not going to be a workaround. Luckily: did not read the entire article; just the parts that interested me and my problem. Which was that OSX popped up a dialog saying that Google Drive was not downloaded from the app store or not provided by an identified developer. I suppose that last part will be corrected by Google eventually. In the meantime use the link above to install Google Drive.I had to change the switch to allow “anything”.  But once Google Drive was installed I was able to move the selection back to the middle position and it still functioned.One more thing. The current version of google drive is: 1.3.3209.2688. This is good to know because Google does not offer any other way to ID the different google drive versions.