Richard Bucker

Google Drive - ToS cannot stand the test

Posted at — Apr 25, 2012

Some writers have criticized the Terms of Service for Google Drive.It’s nice that someone has time, energy and a law degree in order to take them to task. But while it’s nice to throw rocks at Goliath I’m not certain that they are going to get any real remedy as the ToS is critically flawed in my opinion… sort of a poison pill.First and formost the ToS requires that I relinquish some rights to the material I’m uploading or allowing to be processed by Google’s services. (a) this is very similar to the verbiage to the other cloud file servers. This is because they are going to compress and uncompress the files in order to be efficient on their side and it’s sort of a request to hold them harmless in a sense because they make mistakes and shit happens sort of a thing… sometimes on purpose and sometimes not. (b) since I/we have been are likely to uploading documents that have various types of licenses assigned to me/you/us that are non-transferable … just because I said it was ok is not going to make it so.Anyway, this argument and ones like it have already been bantered about with Box, DropBox, SugarSync, and CrashPlan among others. Frankly I do not think that Google is going to read the email you sent with the family recipe for Oatmeal Cookies and open a bakery. (take 5 minutes and do a little light reading on the internet email systems. Most of the email systems are in the clear. Like sending a letter to your grandmother and when it gets to the postoffice someone opens the letter and then sends the letter inside to the postoffice closest to her home. The the postmaster puts it in a new envelope and delivers it to her house. But this only describes some of the ways email is delivered.)On the other hand a little paranoia is a good thing.