Richard Bucker

Google fi FAIL bait

Posted at — Nov 29, 2018

OK OK OK - first of all my SIM cards have not arrived yet so I have not plugged in, however, for some reason YouTube keep recommending Google fi reviews and frankly they ALL suck. Firstly they are just bad, secondly, they are old, and thirdly they are wrong.The biggest complaint is the number of different billing strategies these people describe. They are generally wrong. One person said that you had to prepay for your data and anything unused would be applied to the following month. Of course that may have been the way it was initially, however, there is this:This was grabbed from the google fi billing page. Clearly there is no prepay.Next, even though it’s not active yet, google has not asked me to prepay for text and talk. I’ve completed the registration, awaiting activation, and my balance is still ZERO.Third, while text and talk has a base monthly cost of $20 plus tax and fees… it’s about the same as a residential landline. There was another twit who migrated from google fi to ATT and was talking about billing… Google fi is simply the cheapest so what was he talking about.I realized a long time ago that I have an audience of none and that this platform has no real value.