Richard Bucker

Google Fi Sucks

Posted at — Mar 17, 2022

I really wanted Google Fi to succeed but unfortunately, in South Florida, it sucks. The real issue is that T-Mobile does not have complete 4G/5G coverage in this area. I have no signal in my house but it I walk to my neighbor’s driveway I have more than enough signal. Sadly the WiFi call switching does nott work at all. I constantly drop calls.

I’ve tried 4 different phones and I’ve called customer service. Both have failed. Everything they asked me to try is documented on the web. So there were no surprises. In fact this is what ATT used to do with their customers in the 90s.

What’s worse, having worked in Customer Service, is that the other forms of contact tell me that Google really does not care about it. Google Fi is just a checkmark on a boardroom wall some place.

In conclusion if Google Fi does not care about it’s customers… then what does the rest of Google think? Is “search” still so much more valuable?