Richard Bucker

google is losing it's grip

Posted at — Jan 22, 2019

For years I have been drinking from the google cool-aid machine but lately things have been going south. Systems, Services and devices are just not as smooth as they once were regardless of the features they try to pack in them.GSuite and GSuite for private domains used to be the testbed/sandbox for new features. Now it’s the last place you’ll find new features.Google Home and Mini do not work with a GSuite domain. You need a family music subscription and a plain gmail or 3rd party email account.Android on my Moto G6 is still version 8.0.0 and it’s slow and junky.Google Fi does not support visual voicemail for iPhone.T-Mobile does not support Android Visual Voicemail.Blogger is almost as old as the internet and it shows.Slate reliability is sketchy.Here’s the thing… as all of these systems that I rely on become more unreliable it’s time to consider others. For example I dumped the Google Home and Mini and Amazon Dots are on their way. As I move to best in breed google loses. In the end they be left with search, however, according to L2Inc even that’s changing.