Richard Bucker

Google Support Sucked Now Worse

Posted at — Sep 10, 2021

In the world of Free and Open Source software it has been buyer beware. The same thing applies to Google’s domain services (GSuite). Back in the day I wanted Google to host my domains. The idea of having a world class domain name, email service and office suite always appealed to me. Years later I still believe that the cost is minimal and worth it when compared to the likes of Microsoft Office etc…

I was grandfathered into GSuite for free for small user counts.

Here’s the problem. I wanted to watch ESPN+ last night, however, since I already have a Disney+ account that I registered thru Google Play I could not register ESPN+. In order to register for a “Disney bundle” I had to terminate my Disney+ account and then register with hulu. More problems after I cancelled the account it was going to be active until the end of the month. That meant I had to call Google to terminate the account NOW!

When I called Google to cancel the account… the IVR told me that they were not accepting customer service calls.


The problem continues to be scale. Sure google might be able to service a googleplex number of email accounts but they cannot support them. There simply aren’t enough people on the planet to answer the phone when the same number of people have need of service.

So the question is… can they make the software better and more self-service? Or maybe make it cheaper for no support and more expensive with support.