Richard Bucker

GO's missing feature fulfilled

Posted at — Mar 24, 2012

I really like the GO language, however, I’ve had a couple of complaints that prevent me from using it in production. (a) the language has been a moving target and it seems that the 3rd party library developers have lost whatever momentum they had. (b) the absence of a version manager like RVM for Ruby or VirtualEnv for Python.Well we cannot do anything about (a) because it’s as much political and emotional as it is technical and cost. But having (b) in our back pocket makes development so much easier(GVM - go version manager). I think once it makes it into the mainstream of GO development more real progress is going to be made.Go offers a nice balance between perl, python, ruby, java, erlang, lisp and a few others. With it’s memory management, sockets, IPC, datatypes, compiled, formated, syntax… it’s just a nice balance.