Richard Bucker

guests are like fish ... they smell after a few days

Posted at — May 2, 2014

… or something like that. I’ve been using fishshell for a few months and while I like the command line, history, color, and config I really hate that it’s not compatible with bash. As a result none of the interesting tools, like GVM (golang version manager), which I depend on daily function properly because the syntax is just too different. About the only thing I can do is launch fishshell from bash but that’s just a hairball.Therefore, as much as I like some of the other features… fishshell stinks.As much as it pains me bash is still the strongest contender. (zsh and all of it’s candy is not as good as fishshell but even so the syntax is different enough). ┬áIt’s clearly time to upgrade bash, make a compatibility layer to the others, or build a new shell to rule them all. (tcl, lua, go, something else)