Richard Bucker

HA Vms and Multipath iSCSI

Posted at — Jul 11, 2021

Both Proxmox and vmWare talk about High Availability(HA) and hot migration from host to host. One way they claim to be able to do this is by storing the guest VM’s disk on a fast network drive(NAS) and in this case iSCSI. My recent dive into the synology iSCSI service has been a disaster.

Synology’s GUI has a warning about supporting multipath filesystems and in DSM 6.x they even offered a few examples like cephfs and vmfs. Unfortunately …

And so I come back to the beginning of my journey. WTF! What am I building that needs that kind of availability? How many transactions per second am I processing and how many users are there? I know I’m fixated on the idea that this configuration brings but the complexity makes it easy to lose everything as I’ve experienced many times before.