Richard Bucker

Hacker News is reporting the DBA is dead

Posted at — Dec 13, 2013

I’m not a DBA butwhen pressed into service I can perform the function adequately.That, by no means, makes me a DBA nor do I want to be one but I value the function dearly. Sadly, when I’m staffing a project it’s one of the last positions posted… along with the tech writer.I suppose the real challenge is that the definition of a DBA varies from company to company. In my mind the DBA performs the care and feeding of the database. That means backups, replication, integrity checks, performance and bottlenecks, normalization, and query optimization. One function that is in the DMZ is stored procedures. This could be a developer function or a DBA’s.No current SQL, NoSQL, or datastore can function properly without a competant DBA.