Richard Bucker


Posted at — Nov 24, 2019

I’ve been reading at least one hacking story every day and it’s just frustrating. Hacking comes in so many flavors what can we do about it?

I’m not exactly sure any more. A few years ago I would suggest using AWS or GCP because they had the energy and cash to fight the bad guys. As time has passed I’ve almost stopped worrying about it because “it’s the government’s issue” or something like that. But now I worry not because of it’s effect on me but instead my clients.

Lately I’ve started thinking about “disaster recover” because the number of docker hacks are increasing. I’ve also been thinking about my CI/CD model and the tools I use for development… and I’m starting to come out of the other side of the tunnel.

I’m not ready to publish because there is something to be said about security thru obscurity and while I’m trying to reduce the attack surface area I’m only beginning.