Richard Bucker

Hak 5- Proxmox VE

Posted at — Mar 19, 2016

Here is a comment I posted on YouTube in response to a Hak5 Proxmix VE demo.While proxmox looks like an interesting platform and there are a few features that really caught my attention there is one serious flaw in the segment. LICENSING. The proxmox ve project is licensed under AGPL which is the absolute worst of all of the GPL options. That said, I was influenced to make an Intel NUC i5 6th gen yesterday. I loaded it with 32GB DDR4 and 500GB SSD. My only complaint is that the BIOS failed to configure the ethernet port so that I could update the BIOS. It also took a lot of BIOS setup to get it to boot the OS I installed. First Ubuntu 14.04, then 15.10, and finally CoreOS.I’ve used Proxmox and OpenVZ before and they are OK. I think that once the dust settles it’s better from the command line for my purposes.