Richard Bucker

Hammock bugnet sock as a bivy

Posted at — Nov 6, 2018

Camping in Florida can be hit or miss when it comes to setting up a hammock. Palm trees and other local trees are simply hit or miss. Specially in the everglades. My current “best hammock” is a Sea To Summit Pro Single with a Dutchware bugnet sock. You gotta have bug protection in Florida.I’ve watched a number of ground hammock setup videos and they are all great. They are better when the hammock has an integrated bugnet. But it is challenging to setup the tarp, hammock and then the bugnet sock because you have to dress yourself as if it were a sock and you were the foot. It takes effort.I posed a custom request to the folks at Dutchware and the response was that the sock was good enough. Either they did not want the business or knew it was a failure from go. But who knows.The challenge remains the same… no trees in my backyard to setup my hammock and my bivys are kinda small. I have some larger bugnet tents but I like going SUL and UL. Also living in Florida there are simply some limits to warmth and comfort when you consider pads, insulation and sleeping bags.And so the journey continues.