Richard Bucker

hammock camping

Posted at — Jun 29, 2016

One of the things I like about hammock camping is that they appear to be lightweight and take little room in your pack. Granted there is something to be said about the combination of materials that make up a bivy or a small 1-2 person tent that on the whole it might weight more or less the same. By the time I finish this post I hope to compare a hammock to a 1p tent.First things first, I’ll describe the requirements. capacity of 300lbs or more and mosquito netting. I’m skipping underblankets because I live in Florida and underblankets vary in their insulation factor and cost. I’ll skip them. And I will make reference to any rain fly from the same manufacturer just in case.I will be comparing:Hennessey, these support 350lbs but cost from $250 to $300. Includes everything necessary. And is about 4lbs.Eagles Nest Outfitter (ENO), This model supports 400lbs and comes in three sizes(single $59, double $69 and double deluxe $84). Instead of a net this model is a double with a 6 month repellent treated material $89. Straps $29 and rain fly $79. There is a treated($79) and untreated($59) bug net. (almost 4lbs)Amok, the 330lbs capacity kit costs $400 and weights 4.5lbs. Amok is novel in that the body alignment is 90 degrees to the ridgeline.Snugpak - 10x10 2lbs rainfly $53. Jungle Hammock supports 400lbs and costs $33 includes net. Straps $14and misc Amazon Ohuhu Portable Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock, 115" Long X 55" Wide, 600-Pound Capacity $17 and weight 1lb. straps $12. There other hammock manufacturers but one problem I have with amazon is prime seems to have an unfavorable cost structure. It’s in there. And you never know where things are manufactured or when it will arrive.Conclusion:Hennessey is too expensiveAmok is expensive and non-traditionalAmazon feels too hit and miss regardless of the priceSnugpak is giving me a strange vibe. The same product has two different prices on amazon and they do not seem to sell their hammocks on their site.So I think the winner is ENO.OPTION 1: Single $59, fly $79, straps $29, net $50, TOTAL $220.OPTION 2: jungle nest $99, fly $79, straps $29, TOTAL $210The jungle nest seems like a nice idea with the integrated netting and while you can turn the hammock over you need to remove the ridgeline. On the otherhand the add-on netting can be replaced with the version that is treated and replaced when necessary. There are a number of other options that I like including the housefly.UPDATE: ENO offers discount pricing for complete systems like this JungleLink.