Richard Bucker

hammock sadness

Posted at — Feb 4, 2019

I did not get to hike this weekend but I did lighten my pack for next time.  But now I have to choose my hammock:Hummingbird single plus or the sea to summit UL XL. The Hummingbird weighs 0.60 lbs and STS weighs 0.66 lbs (both weights include basic straps and stuff sack) The cost of the STS is just slightly more than the Hummingbird and is slightly less capable. The STS is more of a mesh than fabric.One thing for sure is that I’m not sure I made a wise color choice. I have two motivations for color choice. [1] I want to be able to see blood just in case that happens [2] I want maximum visibility and contrast to protect me from hunters. But there are other things to consider. Both use proprietary fasteners. The hummingbird straps are thin and do not keep shape it’s almost a why bother situation; also they offer longer straps so why not just the one length. But my complaint about the hummingbird is the pack. It’s so tight.Orange Hammock Single plus: $70Tree Straps Plus: $405.5’x'9' Tarp: prices vary from $53(on sale) to $100. The challenge with the on-sale price is color choices. Borah only offers the grey.No new purchases for the moment. I need to use and break things before buying more.