Richard Bucker

Hammock Tarp as ground tarp

Posted at — May 3, 2018

I really like the material that the SeaToSummit Hammock Tarp is made of however since I’m not a hammock person and most hammock tarps use novel shapes to save weight I thought I’d try this one.This is the general shape. It’s huge but is not functional as a lean-to.In order to function properly I’d need a pullout of some kind. Notice all that sag.Next I tried to connect it to the ground. I was finally able to get a tight pitch but it did not offer much protection.One thing that I really like about the tarp is the tieouts. Granted they are large and meant for trekking poles I was able to use them.  The quality seems unmatched.While tarp is going into my discard pile I see that the $60 premium between the BearPaw Wilderness Designes flat tarp $135 and the s2s minimalist $199 might not be so terrible.