Richard Bucker

Hammocking and Pillows

Posted at — Jan 25, 2019

I’m getting comfortable with hammocking. Now that I have constructed a hammock stand in my backyard it’s a snap to setup. The tarp has been secured with bungee cord to keep it taught when the hammock shifts and so it’s solid.Yesterday it rained hard. I left my pillow in the center of the hammock while I worked indoors. During one of the rain breaks I decided to slip into the hammock but unfortunately I ejected my pillow and without paying attention it was soaked.This is a thermarest pillow with synthetic fill. It compresses to about 1/3rd but that’s it. It’s light but has volume. And when it rains it becomes a sponge. I have a Snugpak pillow that is about 1/3rd the size so it could only absorb 1/3rd the water (sure would be nice if they used hydrophobic materials.)There is something to be said for under-inflated pillows like the seatoummit, snugpak and klymit. There are even some third-party manufacturers that make some nice inflatables with soft covers.