Richard Bucker

Harrah's in Lake Tahoe Nevada SUCKS

Posted at — Dec 31, 2016

My in-laws have been coming to this casino/hotel for well over 25 years. I have been tagging along for almost 10 years. On this New Years Eve at 9:15p, local time, security decided to deny us (4 adults and 3 minor children) passage through the casino to get to the elevators. This was the same exit we had gone through 30 minutes earlier and now security forced us to walk around the building to the valet entrance. And when we attempted to get from the lobby of the hotel to the elevator we were stopped by another security person who [a] asked us for our room key [b] explained that minors were not permitted on the casino floor…. but to get to the elevators one needs to pass 6 slot machines.The security person was adamant that it was Nevada State Law, however, after reviewing the Nevada Gaming Control Board regulations there is nothing in it about “passing thru” or “right of way”. I specifically deals with the operations of the business and participants…. nothing about walking through.Let me be clear, there may or may not actually be a state law, however, the casino has made a point not to enforce that law or regulation the other 364 days and 20 hours of the year. In fact it was not enforced last year or the year before. Chances are that this was a hotel rul that they decided to make or enforce since the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino opened across the street and is attracting a whole new crowd.This will likely be my last year here. There are so many nicer places to go.UPDATE: I spoke to a supervisor in the security office. The explanation I was given was that the decision to prevent minors from walking through the casino was a “house rule” and that the over ambitious security guard must have been a temp worker who was unfamiliar with the rules.