Richard Bucker

hate to call it a gear review

Posted at — Aug 10, 2018

Mattresses and pillows oh my…

I recently purchased a pack liner and so I wanted to open up my pack and clean things up a bit before my next hike; and it’s also s much a mental exercise than anything else. I was also surprised because I found extra pillows in here.

From left to right…

So I’m not a fan of the sleeping bag liner and I like the blanket … the weight is close to the same but the volume is a bit different but it should work. The blanket is also better if it gets wet. Where the liner is a fail when when.

I plan to carry an umbrella in order to block the rain from the head end of the tarp, however, ponchos and rain jackets have many functions. The yellow poncho is light and can double as a tarp. The black poncho has sleeves and because it’s black it can keep you warmer and it should dry faster. For the time-being I think warmer and dry faster are better.