Richard Bucker

Haters hate - Git is in the way

Posted at — Feb 28, 2015

I read an article where a programmer was recommending getting away from git. The strange thing is that it was well thought out and a plausible argument. While I would like to share a link to the original article it’s not in my browser history.I’m sitting here at my desk thinking all things git while I’m waiting for my ‘git clone’ to complete when it hits me. This guy never used IBM’s Orbit. And there is a good chance he’s never used RCS or even SourceSafe. The world of VCS was an awful one.Linus Torvalds made a number of comments in the last few years that Git was meant to be difficult. I feel confident that this was Linus being Linus but if true then he has a point. Git is complicated. Git should be easier. Frankly what we actually do and use Git for should be trivial. The hardest part of Git is rolling back and cherry picking.Many of the Git GUIs make things easier. Tower, for example, let’s you enable “git-workflow” (a standardized git workflow meant to make things easier).