Richard Bucker

Heavenly Lake Tahoe is a ripoff

Posted at — Dec 30, 2018

Heavenly Lake Tahoe is a ripoff. $80 for a gondola, $39 for tubing, $28 for roller coaster or $48 for all day.The problem is that it took 30 minutes through the tubing line, 4 minutes up the elevator which is shared with the snowboarder class, and another 4 minutes at the top waiting in line. All for a 20 second tubing ride down the hill.I years past we have waited to purchase our tickets only for them to run out. For which we typically get a refund but it takes some effort. Now they sell the tickets at the bottom but you have no idea if there is going to be a weather hold.So besides the speed and composition of the riders on the moving sidewalk they also limit the number of riders with the number of tubes.Consider that you can still get $80 tickets for Disney and spend the entire day at the park and get way more action. Also, for just a little more money you can get a full day of skiing or a full day of ski lessons.