Richard Bucker

heavyweight hiking combustion kit

Posted at — Sep 10, 2016

Here is my trail combustion kit.lighter - primary but limited to weather conditions and fuelfero rod - the best possible backup but keep it out of the salt water; could also mean brackish waterhand sanitizer and cotton balls - the cotton balls can be a backup from the first aid kit. May soak them in vaseline but then that’s a single use.commercial fatwood -¬†victorinox farmer (with saw) - saw is effective for cutting small branchesvictorinox hunter pro - needed for splitting wood as the farmer is not effective there and I did not wat to bring a proper bushcraft knifetwine - not pictured here but can be soaked in hand sanitizer or on it’s own as tinderI’m going to trim this down when I figure out what works best in the Florida conditions during my shakedown.UPDATE: after watching this video I might just leave this stuff at home. Other than the pure enjoyment of a nice campfire, respite from the bugs, and the calming crackle; it’s just not worth the risk … and living in Florida I’m not likely to need a campfire for survival in the summer.