Richard Bucker

Hennesey Snakeskin and an ENO DryFly

Posted at — Aug 25, 2016

Initially I was not very happy with this recommendation. My ENO DryFly is not one of the biggest they offer but at the time I was OK with it. When I doubled checked the dimensions I wanted a larger fly but in hindsight this one will be sufficient.Hiking the AT I wanted a tarp that would double as a ground shelter in case I was force to seek shelter in a non-optimal location. For the same reason a hammocks should leave a smaller footprint.I did not realize that the package was going to come with two skins and for a moment I thought I had order too many. After watching a hennessey hammock setup I realized I was supposed to use both tubes.This was a pain in the ass because the cords were still bundled and I had not “pre” organized the tarp so sliding the skins was a pain.Finally I had to lie one end to a chair. This made some steps easier. I do not think it’s going to fit right until I complete my shakedown. Looking here it seems that the working ends of the tarp provide some compression but I don’t think it’s going to get to the size of the ENO stuff sack.Before I made my purchase I had emailed the support team at ENO and they recommended the Hennessey skin. XL. Until that last eureka moment I was still pretty pissed at them. In the end it seems to have been the right purchase even thought the documentation let me down and the same for Amazon. (Thank you youtubers)PS I tried to skin my ENO doublenext hammock. That was a bit of a disaster. [a] the skin was not long enough. [b] the bundle near the carabiner was too tight for the end. [c] using both skins would have been a waste. [d] the compression sack does a better job compressing the hammock.