Richard Bucker

Herding Cats

Posted at — Nov 15, 2020

Since I started my progrssional career before the internet I learned by reading books. Until a few years ago I maintained that library. And as I transitioned from programmer to technical manager I started reading even more. While the internet was good for programmers it was kinda useless for managers.

My books were of 3 types:

One book in particular was “Herding Cats”. As memory serves it came down to describing programmers as individuls with individual needs. Find what those needs were and that’s how to make them better… While I really liked this book and as a first time manager it was helpful by explicitly describing myself… it missed more than than it got right.

Looking back over 35 years as a programmer, leader, and manager my greatest failures came as a result of not recognizing when my boss had rabies.