Richard Bucker

Hike Incline Village

Posted at — Dec 30, 2016

Staying in South Lake Tahoe for 10 days I planned a few hikes. The first hike was a FAIL in that we never got further than 1/10th of a mile. I think it was because of altitude sickness and the trail difficulty. The second hike was easier because I took ibuprofen per the recommendation. (every 6 hours the day before and during the hike.) **be careful there can be side effects. In addition, I hydrated early, ate a protein bar, and had some GU.

Driving from South Lake Tahoe(6300 feet) to Incline Village(8900 feet).

The hike was nearly 2 miles

it was basically a loop with very little slope as this was where the water/logging flume was constructed.

Overlooking Lake Tahoe (from the north looking south)

Just a favorite view of the lake during the drive.