Richard Bucker

hiking gear - size and weight maters

Posted at — Nov 29, 2016

Three things I like about SOL gear is that it’s light, compact, and inexpensive. Generally speaking; one recurring complaint I have about most gear sites is that although they might get the size or weight right. At least there is no way to know what things are until you’ve actually help them in your hand.left: This SOL blanket is light and packs small. It could fit in a front or rear pocket┬áThe SOL Sport Utility Blanket is also small and it could fit in a cargo pocket.right:┬áThe Snugpak Stasha is the same size as the others, however, folding is not recommended as it will compromise the fabric and even so it does not fold to the same as the SOL. It’s also heavier and more expensive.left: the SOL emergency bivy can actually be folded to half it’s size.inside-left: the SOL emergency bivy XLinside-right: SOL thermal bivyright: 2gosystems bivy - very heavy and huge.The truth in the matter is more noticeable in the ponchos.left: SOL poncho with thermal reflection material (embrace the rain but stay warm doing it)center: sea to summit ultra-sil tarp poncho - expensive and delicateright: although this is the same bivy as above the 2gosystems-BOB is actually about the same size.