Richard Bucker

Hiking Kitchen

Posted at — Jan 29, 2018

Hikers continue to talk about stoveless and many different stove type cooking from alcohol, propane, twig fires like a box or solo stove. One thing stove hikers can agree on is that one usually carries exactly what one needs and nothing more.Over the last year I have been using a Toaks Ti alcohol stove, OliCamp propane stove and a Solo Stove(not for hiking) One thing I have noticed is that everything is basically a one pot meal and I do not normally make a hot beverage at the same time. Some time ago I developed kettle envy and so I purchased a GSI kettle.I do not recall the volume but it seems less than 900ml range as the Toaks is 1100ml and the neck is below the rim. I used the kettle a few weeks ago to make some coffee for some hikers (they used their own cups) and while it was adequate it was not very useful although it’s diameter was functional on the propane stove. I hope I’m making sense.Never mind the complicated prose… it’s crap.