Richard Bucker

hiking shakedown

Posted at — Aug 21, 2016

Next weekend I’m going to do a shakedown hike to campground about 3 miles from my home. There is no doubt that I will look out of place in my community because hikers are not the sort of people you see every day and while there is a major highway that is the most direct route I’m going to walk through my community instead as it should be safer.My back should be a little lighter in that I won’t carrying as much food but until I determine if there is a water community water source I’ll probably carry 2 days worth of water. I also won’t need 4 days of socks and underwear, however, i will probably carry my saw and bushcraft knife so I can make a campfire. I will also have to select my shirt and shorts ahead of time so I can pre-treat them with permethrin.Part of a 1 day shakedown is figuring out what the typical activities are going to be during the day.wake upbreakfastbio breakpack uphikecheck-in at the campgroundcamp shoessetup campget watercollect tinder and woodwash sockstend the firemake dinnerrecharge electronicstreat blisters etcread a booksleeprepeatOne interesting thing about this suburban hike is that I won’t be pooping in peoples' backyards. Next I need to anticipate some disaster scenarios for this hike:rain - tyvek, rain gear, waterproof liner, pack cover, if the hammock is not protected by the tarp then consider the emergency blanketspill my fuel or lose starter - eat dry fooddamaged gear - gorilla tapespill water - It’s a bit early in the process to start filtering canal water. There is a store across the street from the campgroundno fire material or starter - go without. It’s Florida after all and we’re in the 80sget run over by a car - call 911**I must keep in mind this is just an exercise. I’m not trying to find out what my tolerances are or to pivot into survival mode. If any of the critical systems fail then call it a FAIL and call for an extraction and try again next week