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Posted at — Mar 3, 2012

I just started a open/public project meant to capture some of the really subjective material when it comes to system design and implementation. I’m trying to mirror the projects on both GitHub and BitBucket. So far I’ve managed to keep the README files in tact, however, I think it’s going to be a challenge to code and deploy multiple programming languages etc… and still get the mission across.On the other side of the coin, integration is one of my specialities.In the meantime I’m currently in the market for a contract or a full-time opportunity. I’d prefer a well funded startup or a new venture within an established organization. Either way let’s talk.The project has been created in response to the many recent articles that have been written and the number of job search services which feed on public source repositories. Part of me wants to find a novel way to game the system but I have a higher purpose and that’s the message I want to get out.If you want to know more about my writing you can always head over to my blog. ( Depending on when inspiration hits I tend to write a new article about once a week and I cover a wide variety of topics.As a general rule, however, while I have my opinions I have a good sense between what is opinion or intuition and what is fact. My training and application of root cause analysis has been an eye-opener in knowing the difference.GoalsMy goal is to land the perfect job in the perfect environment for the perfect company. I’m not particular about startup or established, fulltime or contract, or the vertical market, programming language, project management style… although I have my favorites. My mission is to provide a high rate of ROI.NextOver the next few days I’m going to populate this project with code that I’ve written specifically for this purpose. Some of it will run and some will be gists.WarningThe amount of time I put into this project is going to be completely inversely proportional to what happens in real life project development. The application of comments, selection of variable names, even sample code complexity; such nuance are more subjective than ever.Thank YouThank you for taking the time to read through this project. If you’re a hiring manager or just a passer-by; if you have some comments I hope you’ll forward them to me ( content of this website is Copyright (c) 2012, Richard Bucker. I’d like to share and I believe that the public nature/license of this repo is that it be fork-able. So have at it, however, please keep my copyright in tact.