Richard Bucker

Hirewolf makes no excuses

Posted at — Jan 23, 2012

Hirewolf is the latest in a series of employment service providers that promise to filter and test potential candidates in the hopes of getting a “golden ticket” to employment. (recently I wrote about GitHire)What makes these guys different is that they make no excuses for the decision making process. They are going to decide the candidates fate by“We will choose whichever project strikes us as most beneficial to the open source community."This is probably the most shameless description of the 1% solution that I’ve ever heard or read. Just in case I’ve never said it… I do not want to be scrutinized by any these services. These companies are not driven by the same rules that HR departments of proper companies which are prohibited from disclosing anything about your performance. All they can say is the dates of employment. And maybe your title.So the fact that both of these companies are going to scrub your social identity and produce a score for the perspective employer… that you may or may not know… that even if you knew you might not have a chance to defend or refute the score.Right now social aggregation does not have a passive place in the hiring process. The candidate must be actively involved… let the games begin.