Richard Bucker

Hosting Your Own Web Services

Posted at — Nov 11, 2021

The subtitle for this article should be “Hosting your own web Services: and the case for cloud services”.


For the last few years I have been hosting a number of different web apps and domain types. For example I have a number of static web pages based on hugo. I have a VPN from the public WAN to my internal LAB for working on different projects. And I service a number of dedicated dynamic webapps and services like email.

Over the last few months I have been moving my services from my local web configuration to the cloud and it’s making more sense and paying bigger dividends… This morning I was having trouble logging into my email server. The server is on-prem and was generating many error messages. Either someone was spamming me or trying to hack my domain. It became immediately obvious that my lab network should be segmented.

Segmenting my network will be best accomplished by moving the individual services to discrete servers in the cloud. Sure there is some advantage to all in one place and shared networking but frankly it comes at a huge cost. And there is a cost to the cloud too. But then I start to think about my time and what it’s worth.