Richard Bucker

housekeeping chromeos

Posted at — Jun 11, 2015

I’ve installed a few things that I need to get rid of. The reasons differ but nonetheless they have been deleted.1) Music Bubbles is a pretty cool app. It’s a remote control for Google Play Music. It’s cool because it’s injected into every webpage and does some z-layer alpha blending that makes it appealing. My only complaint is that depending on where you locate the bubble it will take over when you hover. Meaning that if you drop the bubble over a menu item you’ll not be able to access that menu unless you move the bubble. Also, since there are keystrokes like CTRL+1 to access the first tab… it’s just some overkill.2) Bouncing Ball - It’s just a silly little game from Google. I like the aesthetic. The game is fluid and kind-of fun to play although I was bored after the first 5 minutes. I have not played the game in a few weeks so there was no point in keeping it.3) Mosh - I have never been a fan of mosh. The authors make certain claims about it’s security model which I believe are baseless. I’ve written about it a few times(link). Recently I’ve been doing the 100% remote development¬†on an unreliable network; which is supposed to be a main selling point for mosh. The challenge, however, is that since the server is not running mosh(CoreOS) and neither are the containers although it could be added; easy enough. However, unlike the terminal program for Chrome; the mosh chrome-app does not keep a history of the servers it’s been connected to. While that could be argued as a feature I’d argue NOT.Three fewer apps makes me happier. Now time to do the laundry.