Richard Bucker

How smart is that phone really?

Posted at — Dec 19, 2018

I’m configuring my Android phone and for the first time in a long time it’s asking me for all sorts of config questions. I do not mind the questions all that much because I’ve elected not to restore the backup in order to prevent bugs or battery suck from entering my phone.

I’d like to say I answered all the questions but I don’t believe it. Every so often the phone starts asking more new questions. In the meantime there was some configuration that I needed to do

Let me interrupt this list to say that I went to the battery configuration.  The battery was first charged 265 days ago, has been on for 4 hours and has 56% battery left with 4 hours remaining. I do not like those numbers but I seem to be stuck with them for now.
  • moto jestures
  • ringtone
  • WiFi access
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Bluetooth connection to my laptop
  • Bluetooth connection to my car is not complete yet… not going outside yet
  • hotspot and password
  • update all other apps

Considering I need to install various aftermarket applications…

Now the question I have for myself… what can I do without?