Richard Bucker

HP Dev One - Part 3

Posted at — Jun 7, 2022

When I purchase my HP Dev One I remembered seeing a note that the RAM was user upgradable to 64GB. NICE! So when I ordered my basic 16GB model (no options) I also ordered some DDR4 64GB upgrade from Amazon. When the memory arrived I opened the back and looked around. I did not see the slots to replace the RAM. There seemed to be a shield that needed to be removed. YUK! Even though it was marketed as a user upgrade I looked for a video or documentation. Sadly I did not find anything. Even more sad was that the support page crashed a few times.

I finally posted my support request:

HP DEV ONE -- website indicates that the RAM is user upgradable. 
Where are the instructions?

And just about an hour later I received this:

Hi Richard,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

If you feel comfortable upgrading the RAM by following instructions, 
the directions to upgrade the RAM are below.

Here is a link to the user manual with steps on removing and replacing the 
RAM.  If you scroll down to page 33 you'll find step by step instructions 
for upgrading the RAM.

Maintenance and Service Guide:

Also here is a video link for steps on doing the upgrade.

We appreciate your business and invite you to contact us if you have more 

Take Care,

HP Dev One Support

I watched the first few minutes of the video and then started hacking on my new computer. Luckily for me I had some quality tools from OWC from many years ago. After I installed the RAM and closed the case the computer took just a little longer than usual to boot but everything worked including the encrypted drive.

I have no idea when this was part of right to repair but either way I think I’ll start buying more HP gear.