Richard Bucker

Hummingbird hammocks

Posted at — Jan 31, 2019

Light and strong but plenty to complain about.try to hang the bugnet from a hammock ridgeline and you’ll drag the net on the ground. There is something to be said for having the zipper here as sometimes it’s easier to get in/out and some times not. Mostly it’s because this is an always on bugnet and it diffuses the wind if you want that sort of thing.Ridgeline setup is questionable. The buttons are an interesting implementation but depending on the engineering this might not be a good place for the ridgeline.When the ridgeline is converted to a standalone ridgeline it creates a different problem in that you now have a 3rd line that needs a drip line to prevent water from getting into the hammock. And you have to carry that much more line regardless of the gauge.One huge plus here is that the hammock and tree straps are super light and super strong.