Richard Bucker

I feel marketed to by Google

Posted at — Feb 6, 2012

I guess this is why Google is getting the big bucks or at least why they got the big bucks. It certainly does not explain why their stock (a) has not changed much since late 2007, (b) why they have not split. But this is off target.I spent a few minutes today trying to make some new business cards. I was on a few different sites. I finally made a selection and input all of my information. When it came time to pay they wanted 2x what I thought I was supposed to be paying (according to the advert). So I cancelled the order.Now I’m doing to reading when an advert popped inside the story I was reading. It was an advert for that same card company. This time there was a coupon code. BIZ500. So I’m going to try again and see how much money they want this time.