Richard Bucker

I hate wires

Posted at — Feb 4, 2012

There was a time earn I had a small 8 node cluster in my home. I had a bunch of monitors, keyboards and mice. Eventually I was able to cut the I/O down to two monitors, two keyboards, and two mice. But I still had so many wires running around my desk. At first everything was nicely aligned and channeled. Then after the harsh hardware upgrade (a new drive) the wiring started to unravel. In the end I moved the hardware to storage and converted my lifestyle to laptops and wifi.I’ve had many years of success with a single laptop. And then there was a single failure that nearly cost me dearly. In the end I gave my wife my refurbished computer (damaged MacBook battery), bought a MacBook Unibody and then 6 months later bought a MacBook Air.My workstation is a outboard 25" monitor with Apple’s wireless bluetooth keyboard and trackpad. Both are connected to my MB-Uni. I use the MB-Air for Pandora, Twitter, Skype, some email and other ancillary apps.But now my desk is getting cluttered again. I have a printer on my desk but I’d rather use a HP with wifi that supports my iPhone and iPad. I’d like to share a single keyboard and mouse between my MB-Uni and MB-Air. (Synergy is close but not idea.)So I’m struggling again to keep my desk clear. I’d pay good money for a solid KVM solution that was wireless and did not interfere. But it seems that KVM technology has not changed much in the last 10 years and the prices are still crazy expensive.What’s a wireless boy supposed to do.