Richard Bucker

I new that buying an iPhone 5 was the wrong thing to do

Posted at — Jun 29, 2013

I have been very unhappy with Apple for a very long time. Sadly and coincidentally this began around the time that Steve Jobs was reported ill for the second time. My Airport Express had to be replaced, my MacBook’s battery swelled and had to be replaced, my MacBook Air was behaving strangely and my iPhone was also on the fritz.About 6 months ago I did some very basic math.  For $1000 (one thousand) I can buy a Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and a Nexus 4. And optionally swapping one for a Samsung ChromeBook. And one can not come anywhere near that with Apple.Last weekend I decided to upgrade our iPhones. Partly because my wife’s phone had been seriously problematic and mostly because Best Buy had a great trade-in program. As it turns out my wife’s phone had a corrupt backup which could not be repaired.  That meant a complete restore, however, the only reliable way to keep her notes and other important docs sync’d was to backup to the iCloud. And that’s where the fun began.Her phone wanted to backup 6.2GB to iCloud but she only had 5GB(free). Clearly something is very wrong. Apple gave me no way to manage this properly.I am so very done with Apple.