Richard Bucker

I once thought that Docker was a good idea

Posted at — Oct 17, 2013

… but now I have lost that loving feeling.The problem is that it is simply not that easy to setup beyond hello world. Any real work starts to generate vast amounts of deltas that need to be stored. Storage requirements in terms of the amount of deltas that the containers create may not be predictable.As I consider the overhead of VirtualBox, VMware, Parallels etc… Docker is less predictable. So there are a number of things you need to do before starting…lots of local disk spaceuser dockerfiles so that you can start from scratch repeatidly reducing all the cruftget a clear sense of how it works and where all the artifacts reside on the host OS (/var/lib/docker)get the real scoop on how to clean up un every condition… and there are many and some with nulls.Or just do something else for now. Check out the Parallels Vurtuoso project which is containers too.