Richard Bucker

I want a private twitter clone for my business

Posted at — Dec 2, 2011

While I’m not sure I know what the difference between short emails and tweets or their effect on productivity. I am wondering about the movement to ban emails from the workplace.It’s not that I mind that my conversations are in the cloud it’s that I want to choose which conversations are in the cloud. Also, a recent article was posted where a CEO or two banned email from their company(s).If I had to list a number of requirements for a private twitter: mobile client mobile web desktop app browser app backchannel for internal employes or inner circle server storage of conversations temporary accounts for external resources with filtered output up/down voting tagging (both twitter and external tagging) tag a selection of messages live filtering like tweetdek in one column and my conversation(s) in another export to PDF or some other format search attachements slightly larger than 140 bytesBut then what about GMail or some other Mail client? If I could filter my messages by size so that the smaller emails were given a higher priority and people emailing me knew that… (maybe an auto responder that told them that the email was going to be #100 in line so that they could adjust it and resend; eliminating potential gaming of the system like putting the real email in an attachment). Allow for chaining of messages into a conversation and being able to alter the subject line in the email. (stuffing something in the header).When you think about there are only a few differences between emailing using only the subject line except you lose access to the chain of events but it is pretty close.The only reason why email loses this battle is because the email clients have momentum… inertia. There is no way that all these developers would, could or should accept my email agenda. Granted someone like google could implement this feature and it might actually stick. The others might follow.I don’t know where this leaves me. I don’t think I have the time to implement either. No matter how much better it makes me feel. It also sounds a lot like circles in google+. But then there is that privacy issue again.sigh I might actually have something here. I’ll have to give this some thought.