Richard Bucker

I will be talking about Go at Go Miami

Posted at — Mar 4, 2015

On March 19th I’ll be speaking at Go Miami meet up. I’ll be talking about Configuration as Code in Go projects. 
As I was investigating an implementation of flow based programming in Go, I realized that I needed an installation framework and that there were some similarities to
frameworks like Chef, Puppet, Ansible and SaltStack. Meet the “installinator”; a “configuration as code” implementation of a DSL framed in Go using JSON for it’s configuration and thinking deeply about “Compose with functions, not methods.
I plan to talk about: Macroinator’s design, tcl as an embedded DSL, a little flow based programming. and whatever I can do in the short time I have left.

We hope you’ll attend. If not, it will be recorded and possibly live-casted.