Richard Bucker

If I had enough time to experiment

Posted at — Feb 10, 2015

If I had enough time to experiment then there are a few things I’d want to do:Build a proper pipeline from NixOS, Nix, NixOps, HydraDesign and build a pipeline to include AppScale so that I can concentrate on application development instead of framework or pipelineBuild a pipeline from’s open source offeringBuild a go pipeline with CoreOS and a cluster of Raspberry Pi servers. ($35 a device and 10 servers for a CoreOS Cluster… fun)Design and build a Docker pipeline and framework.. I like the Apcera gnatsd docker/dockerfile build and the Apcera policy engineMicro services are interesting but a bit of a challenge when you consider the guest OS. Phusion is still creating fudetcd 2.0 has been released and CoreOS' rocket, flannel, and appc are around the corner. They need to be investigated as I want to experiment with trust and a design I have for an HSMI like monitoring but there are so many heavyweight tools. Prometheus needs some investigationinvestigate Docker networks and VPNs including Docker swarm, machineFossil instead of Git and hg.I’m tired of reading about languages like Nim, Lua, Ruby, PythonI’d like to experiment with Kubernetes, Deis, and mesosphere/marathonTCL is at the core of fossil and SQLite. It’s worth experimentingThen there is finishing my installinator and flow based programming projectsThere are a few more edge cases so let’s see where it all goes from here.UPDATE: and then there is a lot of plan9 ideas I want to investigate.