Richard Bucker

If I were building a framework from scratch...

Posted at — Mar 15, 2014

What features need to be implemented from scratch:down for maintenance mode screenreverse proxy for load balancing, A/B, and green/blue deploymentREST API layer for all of the business intel.Service for Static artifactscomplete metrics gatheringDEVOPS console including deploy buttonauthentication APIsRBAC APIsdatabase abstraction or API wrapperweb socketsRPC/SOAP - probably not much different than REST but with a stronger type bindinghttp/https - REST - use content-type and accept to specify the format of the logic as state machineremove branching in the state machine to keep testing simplewrapper for clustered data like Redis or etcdconfiguration as code - no config files.feature flags in the code and not in config filesstore the code with the data so there is complete auditCI/CD by pulling the code from the databasetake the fossil-scm approach to code, wiki, blog all in one file.LDAP baked inplugin framework to extend the base language APIs.multiple source languages - I do not want to create a DSL but it would be nice to be able to support multiple programming languages. While I currently like Lua, GoLang, erlang and elixir for my programming. There is a place for C-like languages where there are opportunities to compile and link… this is a lot more pragmatic.Docker containers appear to be efficientHost security module (HSM) baked inI cannot wait for my chance.** It’s not your old hello world any more.