Richard Bucker

I'm a hiker do I need a BOB

Posted at — Jun 21, 2019

Hell no you do not need a BOB (Bug out bag). A BOB is also known as a “go bag”… it’s a pack you grab on the way out the door when all hell is breaking loose and you need to get to safety and survive for some period of time. That pack should allow you to extend the rule of 3s and the 5Cs. But the question is do you need one?My quick answer that I posted on a vlog:from the WTF WAS I THINKING category… forget all this nonsense and look into ultralight and super ultralight hiking. After that it’s all about selecting the colors that make you happy… but consider this… bugging out in a military context means you are being hunted by some other force. That could be law enforcement but let’s go with the foreign invader, crash of wall street or the zombie apocalypse. If everyone with a bug out bag decided to head for the hills the hills would be pretty crowded.That said; I live in Florida and we get the occasional hurricane. There are other areas of the country that have other type of disasters and having some comfort while avoiding natural events is a good thing but it’s important to note that none of this has lawlessness.I’m thinking about that woman who was lost in Hawaii… That’s just one person and they could not find her for days and she did not have a BOB to improve her survival.  Just plain common sense and good choices. Now ask yourself what would happen if half the island’s population went to the forest to hide?That same presenter made another video… “complete Walmart kit for overnighters”. This video makes more sense if you’re not a hiker. But even if you are… the rule should be always know where your Walmart is and have a shopping list.