Richard Bucker

iMessage vs Hangout vs Slack vs other

Posted at — May 22, 2015

The only opinion I have on the matter is that I want everyone to use what I’m using. The reason is quite simple; while I’m not an expert I have the necessary pragmatic sensibility between usefulness and security. Regardless of what messaging/communication system you use there is an overarching concern about security. Whether it’s personal or corporate security it’s irrelevant. If it’s a private app then we feel that there is a better chance that our secrets stay within our group.

Security/privacy is a fleeting expectation. Cloud services and open source have put demands on our privacy and security that are (a) under valued (b) over exposed.

So when your company is 50% iOS/OSX and 50% ChromeOS/Android and whatever else is out there… how are we to standardize so that we can all talk to each other. The security issue has to go away and vendors have to get the interop working.  There is no reason why facetime cannot talk to hangout! Granted WebRTC is part the way to creating an interchange and with open source PBX’ like Asterisk, FreeSwitch and others it has to be possible… and sooner than later.

One huge challenge is that when you or I are in the DMZ of this communication war you either have to pick sides or use them all. “All” is just not practical. And bringing this in-house is not practical because the cost of development, maintenance, integration is not possible unless you have the deepest pockets.

I’m not sure if I made the case I was hoping for but I am frustrated and at the end of this rope.