Richard Bucker

Incremental improvement for iPhone

Posted at — Sep 5, 2011

When you consider the cost to develop, manufacture and deliver a single iPhone, iPod or iPad you have to realize that there is no incentive to deploy anything more than one killer feature, a few minor visual improvements, and as many bug and security patches at the QA team can deliver. The reason for this is because; A) they make a bulk of their cash on upgrades and first time purchases. B) why upgrade the calendar or addressbook when there is an app for that? With the sale of the app they make a margin that they would never see if they acquired a better version or if they seriously upgraded all of the apps. This is not an easy strategy to deal with. The platform is easy to develop for, however, the apple apps have so many advantages over potential replacements. For example; address book cannot be deleted and is integrated into the phone. The same is true for all of apple’s products. I figure I need 5000USD a year to keep up with my wants. Not my needs.