Richard Bucker

insect repellent

Posted at — Nov 6, 2019

I have a great number of opinions on a bunch of different things. Just see my point on the essential kit. But bugs are in a different category. I do not get eaten as much as I did when I was a kid. That’s not clear because of where I lived and where I live now. Also cities take this sort of thing more seriously and we have so many more chemicals. It’s even possible that the bugs smell me and think I’m generally toxic masking some other human illness. Who knows?But I think that I prefer non toxic stuff. Generally I use natural Repel. It seems to work the best. But I also use permethrin on my clothes when I know I’m going to be challenged. And I’ll also use picardin. I have a couple of all-natural (think remedy) versions that use tar as a base but they are not used like traditional insecticides but meant to be dabbed on a bandanna. Which means that you’ve gotta protect the skin in other ways. So it’s a number of overlapping concerns. I prefer something I can carry lightly and generally not worry about.