Richard Bucker

Interesting Paul Graham Quotes

Posted at — Dec 31, 2014

Paul graham is not my favorite and YCombinator even less so. But he has written and made comments that have caught my attention.We knew that everyone else was writing their software in C++ or Perl. But we also knew that that didn’t mean anything. If you chose technology that way, you’d be running Windows.This is actually very telling. Another article I read about computer chess programs and how they are designed to maximize the number of future moves… this applies to selecting the right languages and frameworks.When you choose technology, you have to ignore what other people are doing, and consider only what will work the best.This goes without saying. If you import or incorporate too much 3rd party code you get their opinions and cruft and their design concerns and not your own.For one thing, it was obvious that rapid development would be important in this market.This is too general and obvious. It’s important to all businesses.References: