Richard Bucker

Introduction to AppScale and Google App Engine - Part 2

Posted at — Nov 23, 2014

In my previous post I tried to install appscale on a virtualbox installation but it failed. In this post I am going to try the same installation on a Google Compute Engine instance following the appscale. Notice that I’m going to install on GCE and not GAE. The current theme is appscale and so I have not switched over to GAE yet.Here are the instructions for installing appsacle on GCE.install gcloud SDKcreate an oath credadd appscale image to your repogcloud command is buggy… you have to specify the project id$ gcloud config set project VALUEinstall appscale toolsconfig and start appscaleshutdown appscaleI was able to install appscale on GCE and I was able to open the dashboard just to see what was there.  appscale is very interested in selling you a license to use hawkeye and there was something in there for monit but I did not follow it.  There was even a limit to the type of machine that you could install onto; so there was no possibility to install on google’s f1-micro; which is probably a good thing for production but for development… meh.The sample code can be located here although I have not tried anything yet. I have not checked the restart times yet but that’s in the plan. Once I deleted my instance using the GCE console tools there seemed to be a disconnect that could not be corrected from the command line. The appscale status command and appscale down could not agree on the state of the instance.I did not actually install my sample application. I figure that would be for my next attempt in part 3 where I’m interested in trying the installation commands with a local VMware installation and then repeating with CoreOS.</timeout>I managed to get the system to start working again by deleting everything in my local $HOME/appscale folder.  Once that folder was cleaned up I was able to re-create the environment on the server. appscale upThen, instead of deleting the instance from the GCE console I did it from the command line with an appscale down command on the terminal. This worked fine but when I tried to perform a subsequent appscale up command I received some general errors about keys already in use. So clearly I need to delete the folder between invocations.** appscale clean does not work in the GCE mode.One thing that is also missing… in a production environment when there are multiple applications in the domain then you need to be able to export the configuration so that the entire environment can be restored. appscale does not appear to be able to provide that info. GCE+CoreOS uses a version of the cloud-init file that allows you to restore your running environment.